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Threave Castle Alison Stamp

This historic castle is within easy walking distance of The Haven - ring the bell and summon the boat to take you to the castle.

An Island Fortress

Legend tells that Threave Island was the home of the ancient rulers of Galloway a thousand years ago. Today there is no trace of their fortress. The tall, forbidding tower that now dominates the island was built for Sir Archibald Douglas in 1369. He had recently become Lord of Galloway, but is better known to history as Archibald ‘the Grim’. By the time he died at Threave in 1400, he had become the 3rd Earl of Black Douglas, and was the most powerful magnate in southern Scotland.
Half a century later, when James II took steps to overthrow the over-mighty Black Douglases, it was Threave that staged the final act in the drama. After a two-month-long siege, the island stronghold reverted to the Crown and thereafter played only a relatively minor part in Scotland’s history.

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